Showcase of Unity games designed & developed by Gareth Murfin.

Also see my AR Portfolio , VR Portfolio and Android Portfolio. Note some games here are still in development.

Genocide Dolphins (Huge open world cyberpunk game)

Teaser trailer from 2019
AI combat test from 2019

Bishop Stix (Stealth game based on Manhunt)

Trailer I made for Kickstarter
Development footage
VR build

Return to Delos (3rd person western game)

Featuring Yul Bryner as the gun slinger

Valley Forge (Sniper game + run and gun)

Lordtastica (Bullet hell shooter)

Bosses and lots of bullets
Earlier version

Toilet Screamers (Mario Kart style Driving game)

Fight againt 64 other racers in toilets
Earlier build with lots of chaos

Chromelandia (Procedurally generated VR exploration game)

VR showcase
Earlier non VR build

Helicopter simulator (VR)

Wowser (Wessex Water mini games)

Mobile gambing game prototype

Virtual Hospital Tour prototype

Experimental music Videos in Unity

Opal Beau – Dumbfound
A music video made on Unity + After Effects for Future Proof + Colour Domes.
Chill out video

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