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Welcome to – Gareth Murfin’s Unity portfolio.

Welcome to – My name is Gareth Murfin (see my main portfolio here which is mostly mobile apps) I have 12 years of almost daily Unity experience and I am very experienced in C# for Unity. Here I will showcase some of my Unity work. I am a highly passionate game designer and developer who is able to make the magic come true. I started making games as a child on the ZX Spectrum and later moved to Amiga, Playstation, Mobile, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A shot from my cyberpunk open world game “Genocide Dolphins”. A huge game developed by 1 person.

After completing my Computing Science degree at Stirling University I joined the legendary Rockstar North and worked on GTA Vice City in Edinburgh, UK.

Worked on GTA VICE CITY (PS2, 2002) for ROCKSTAR NORTH

After that I did a Masters degree and ended up as lead developer at DC Studios in Glasgow UK. In 2004 I went fully freelance and moved to Taipei City in Taiwan, where I hold a gold card visa in software development allowing me to work for anyone I want to. Usually my clients are from UK or South Africa.

If you have an idea and crucially the funding, we can do it! I have developer licenses for xbox, nintendo switch and playstation 4 and 5. We can go from your idea on paper to it being released physically on consoles, web and desktop. Or if you are looking for a contractor, look no further.

A shot from my cyberpunk open world game “Genocide Dolphins”

Please note: although I am working remotely outside of the UK (I’m from Newcastle Upon Tyne), please be assured that I actually work UK times anyway due to the fact that most of my clients in the last 20 years are from London. This is no problem, actually it’s better waking at 2PM than 9AM 🙂 So please don’t let my location put you off (I am always available on Skype or Slack/Discord etc). Please see my main portfolio for the vast array of UK brands I have worked for successfully whilst being out here.

Lead coder on Ice Age Skater game (MOBILE, 2004) for DC STUDIOS

So what awesome brands have you developed for remotely?

 There are too many too list but briefly, Piccollage (over 70 million downloads), CBBC Buzz (official app for BBC), numerous apps for NHS (UK healthcare system), MJFFSensors for Parkinsons (a medical app for Michael J Fox foundation), Merlin Protect (security app used by UK’s top supermarkets and malls such as Sainbury’s and Westfield),

I also won Software Engineer of the year award at Scotsoft 2002.

VR helicopter simulation for the Indian Army, Raffler for Saatchi & Saatchi, Sasol Official App (worlds largest oil company), multiple themepark apps for largest themeparks in UK (Alton Towers, CBeebies Land, Thorpe Park, Angry Birds Land, Paultons Park & Peppa Pig world), apps for largest horse races in Europe (Royal Ascot, Land Rover Horse Trials, Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials), Magners cider promotional app, apps for HealthCity and Basic Fit (2 largest gyms in Holland), official App for Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes F1 team, 10+ apps for the largest music festivals in Europe including Sonisphere Relentless NASS and Bloodstock, official premier league football game – Be The Boss, worlds first oil trading app for OilSpace, Bad Lads Army game for ITV television.. to name but a few!.. This is all detailed on my main portfolio. Also see my youtube channel for lots more Unity stuff

one of the games I developed for myself under my own company TYNEPUNK

Also see my AR Portfolio , VR Portfolio and Android Portfolio. Note some games here are still in development.

Some screenshots of recent games are shown here, and then other Unity games with videos.

Genocide Dolphins (Huge open world cyberpunk game I am developing for myself)

Teaser trailer from 2022
Combat demo from 2020
1 minute teaser

Tenement ( play online @ or see official site). Online multiplayer game, 64 player simultaneous – browser, mobile or desktop, Nintendo Switch )


Antstream Website – WEBGL front end for launching retro games developed in Unity – see

Eggfall (Web3 / Blockchain / Play to earn / NFT game. WebGL browser game + mobile) See

Coming out Aug 24th 2022. You can play the latest build here

Ferox2 (tool for live VJing in nightclubs. Can be controlled using Loupedeck CT. Desktop PC. See

I use this around Taipei City in various bars and nightclubs for many different artists.

The original version had just this car mode, but I added lots of other modes which you can see in the video below.

no sound on this one, I left it going to try out over different music

Helio Dracos (MMO prototype, still WIP)

Clydeside Tales / Dark Skies (Platform game for web, mobile, desktop)

Fish tank simulation (Desktop/Web/Mobile)

Some Systems for games (game not mentioned due to NDA)

Bishop Stix (Stealth game based on Manhunt)

Trailer I made for Kickstarter
Development footage
VR build

Return to Delos (3rd person western game)

Featuring Yul Bryner as the gun slinger

Valley Forge (Sniper game + run and gun)

Lordtastica (Bullet hell shooter)

Bosses and lots of bullets
Earlier version

Toilet Screamers (Mario Kart style Driving game)

Fight againt 64 other racers in toilets
Earlier build with lots of chaos

Chromelandia (Procedurally generated VR exploration game)

VR showcase
Earlier non VR build

Pinball game prototype (Genocide Dolphins pinball)

Dominoes game prototype (with Inverse Kinematics)

Helicopter simulator (VR)

Wowser (Wessex Water mini games)

Mobile gambing game prototype

Virtual Hospital Tour prototype

Experimental music Videos in Unity

Opal Beau – Dumbfound
A music video made on Unity + After Effects for Future Proof + Colour Domes.

Chill out video

Are you looking for an Android or Unity Freelancer? Check out my main portfolio here.

And finally, my Amiga games from the 90s!.. I was still at school when I made these, and they were published and available in shops worldwide.